Sunday, 15 April 2012

bruce lee add f-l(_)d-e_r v1


Bruce lee add f-l(_)d-e_r v1 for nimbuzz

   best add f-l(_)d-e_r for nimbuzz slow add f-l(_)d-e_r and unlimited add f_l-(_)d-!_ng


   your usernames like this bruce1#bruce#lee  like that

   ids counter feature have just paste your ids in usernames then see in ids counter status

   all fl(-)(_)d ids  have same pa$w(_)rd otherwise not working

   target id put there your victim id and click generate ids button then start add fl(-)(_)d button

   you can see in login sucess ids status box and you can see login failed ids in status box

   when add f_l-(_)d-!_ng started then wait and see slow add fl(-)(_)d works and unlimited  :)

   Note:- this software have 10Mb disk space because i added game of death bruce lee song in soft

   Comment my tools friends add me in nimbuzz created by

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